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June 16, 2024

‘School spirit’ goes beyond athletics

September 30, 2010

The lack of school spirit on campus is apparent in the weak attendance at sporting events and this weeks’ homecoming events.

But school spirit isn’t only about being invested in whether or not the University’s sports teams win or lose, but spirit also means being invested in the success or failure of the University as an educational facility that serves its constituents well.

This can include taking an active role in student government or at least being aware of the decisions they are making. During budgeting, many student organizations were disgruntled by how the student money was distributed.

The truth is that students are in charge of making those decisions, and if only a small handful of students volunteer to do it, then all of the student organizations are at the mercy of that small group. Not only that, but the budgeting meetings are public meetings; this means that student organizations are allowed to attend them and speak on their own behalf. But very few do.

That kind of irresponsibility creates the type of mindset that our futures are someone elses responsibility.

Students have the power to shape the development of this University. Whether they are lazy or just don’t care—after all, most students will only be here for four years anyway—the decision making is left to a powerful few that receive no input from students.

But who cares if the University can’t find enough money to provide adequate classrooms or desks? Who cares if the University can’t afford to hire decent professors?

Not us, as long as we graduate before it hits the fan.

That isn’t school spirit. What UWRF doesn’t have is school spirit or any sort of school pride. As alumni, will we be ashamed to claim UWRF as our alma mater?

It all comes down to how students perceive their actions on this campus.  If we don’t feel anything we do matters, we won’t make it anywhere. But if we take individual responsibility to create a campus environment that we are proud to be apart of and make a decent effort, then we will have at least succeeded in something.

Just like sports, you cheer for your team whether they are winning or losing, encouraging them to do better and standing by them even when they lose rather than abandon them completely.