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April 23, 2024




Students should capture summerʼs fleeting essence

May 5, 2010

As the semester winds down and students begin mentally checking out, the Student Voice Editorial Board thinks it’s important for students to remember that although it may be called “summer vacation,” the three months off from classes, lectures and stuffy dorm rooms is not a time to forget to stay active.

Not only are internships and jobs important for students to have during the summer months to keep the money coming in, but they are also crucial for students who wish to boost their resume. It is important to remember, however, even though internships and job experiences are good for future employment opportunities, that opportunities to volunteer are equally significant. Not only do these experiences add to humility and personal character, they also help get a better perspective of the world. Volunteering time at homeless shelters, humane societies, nursing homes and the like are all great ways to better perceptions of the world and to open up to new experiences.

So, although the issue of getting as many internships and jobs under your belt has been beaten to death, by both The Student Voice and the world, there are other important activities students should keep in the back of their minds to fill their time in the summer, as well—activities that are just plain fun!

It’s not really apparent until the student is about to graduate college, start a career and kiss all their summer vacations goodbye forever (unless, of course, this student is going to be a teacher, which might, in this context, be wise), that filling summertime with as many fun, random, “never-gonna-happen-again” activities as they can is crucial. Going tubing down the Apple River, hitting up Valley Fair or Six Flags, going to every county fair in a 75-miles radius - these are things that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

While students still have the opportunity to live up their college-aged days, they should. Utilize the summer free from classes and fill it with memories you may never have the opportunity to experience again. Ask yourself the kind of person you want to be, imagine the activities you feel refl ect the most your desired character, and do all those things. Past generations always tell us that these are the best days of our lives and lament that life is wasted on the young. Prove them wrong. Carpe diem. For it is one of life’s cruelest realities, that these days will be gone before you know it.