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June 16, 2024


Reckless behavior in WRFW studio leaves many disappointed, upset

May 5, 2010

WRFW-FM is the campus radio station. You may have heard of it. We’ve brought you music, news, talk and sports radio for over forty years.

Every day, students enter our studios to bring creativity, pride, knowledge and humor to the airwaves. They genuinely love being on-air.

For seven semesters now, I have had the honor of being the station’s Program Director and student leader.

After this year, I’ll be off to other things, as will many of our seniors who are graduating. This week and finals week were supposed to be the exclamation points on hard work, determination and devotion to the station and to the community it serves. Unfortunately, the carelessness of a few impacts the many.

This past week, WRFW was taken off the air by a simple can of Coca-Cola.

This Coke was spilt on our control room board, ruining it. The station’s rules clearly state that food and drink are not allowed in any of our studios.

However, the disk jockeys are allowed to keep their beverages five feet away from them outside the door. Now, that doesn’t seem too far to go now does it?

Due to a blatant disregard of the rules, I had to cancel shows for the first time in my seven semesters as program director. Those graduating seniors will more than likely miss out on their last opportunities to be on-air.

I had a tremendous last show planned for next Wednesday.

My show, the River Falls Renegades, has been my baby. Once a week, for five years this show has been me.

It has been my chance to showcase my love for radio, entertain people, crank some great tunes, and have some fun.

I had this grand plan for my final show. This was my opportunity to say goodbye to a place that has been so good to me. Now it can’t happen the way I pictured it.

There are a dozen seniors who had similar visions of their own shows. There is a possibility of a back-up plan, but that isn’t the point.

I said before that the shortfalls of a few affect the many. This is a classic example of such an event.

I know that some people don’t care about what goes on at the station. Some people don’t even know the station exists. But we have always been here, and we’re not going anywhere. Come fall semester, check out our shows. There are some special people on the airwaves at WRFW 88.7 FM.

I have spent five glorious years as one of them and I’m lucky to say it.

I can vouch for them all.

I’m not writing this for everyone to feel sorry for us. But consider the situation about something you care about. Your last game, graduation day, or the last event you planned. It’s the end of an era for us. Now, I urge you to consider one thing. The next time you think of breaking a small rule, as miniscule as it may seem, consider the effects. Consider the outcome.

Consider other people. You never know who it could hurt.

Think of the seniors at WRFW-FM.

Adam Lee is an alumnus of UW-River Falls.