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May 27, 2024


Letter to the editor

Students need to be safe, aware when using crosswalks

April 21, 2010

Please be careful when crossing streets on campus.

While drivers have a definite responsibility for stopping for students in crosswalks, please understand that they do need some reaction time.

Semis especially need a much longer stopping distance than a car.

Recent phone calls to the City of River Falls Police Department and University Police from community drivers have indicated that some students are just walking out in front of cars and trucks without even looking.

Oftentimes, these students are talking on cell phones as well so their attention to traffic is limited.

Let’s work together so we don’t have a tragic incident. Make sure drivers see you before you venture out across the street.Your safety is very important to us!

We want everyone to be in one piece for finals week and we want everyone to graduate as they have planned!

Connie Smith, MS
Director of Risk Management