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May 25, 2024



Collaboration between Student Senate, campus media deemed necessary

April 23, 2010

If you’re reading this editorial sometime Friday morning, you still have plenty of time to place a vote in the Student Senate elections. The polls opened 8 p.m. Thursday and will close 4 p.m. Friday. As a student at UW-River Falls, it is crucial to place a vote in these elections. Did you not hear about these important elections? Were you unaware of who these people are or what they stand for? If so, it may not be entirely your fault.

The Student Senate promoted this year’s elections by chalking the sidewalks around campus. There were also a few facebook groups created with events about the elections posted under those groups. That hardly reaches enough of UWRF’s student body to expect an informed public, let alone a good turnout. The Senate could have done a better job of letting students know that elections were fast-approaching. In addition, perhaps events could have been put on in which students could learn more about the candidates running. Senate is a hugely important body on campus, and it is important that students stay informed about who makes up this body and what they are responsible for.

The use of student media could be crucial in achieving these things. There are three student media outlets at UWRF: The Student Voice, WRFW and Focus On U. Utilizing these outlets could potentially increase turnout at primaries and elections. By promoting these events and reminding students of their importance via these easily-accessible news outlets, everyone benefi ts. Senate benefi ts by being responsible and catering to the University’s students— they are making them more aware and more informed; students benefi t by gaining knowledge and giving themselves the opportunity to have a voice on campus; student media even benefi ts by promoting these events and raising awareness to their importance by getting more content for their news pages and broadcasts, as well as catering to the students’ needs.

Senate deals directly with more things that affect students than students are probably aware. Senate is not a way for campus to appear organized or entertain students; it is a body of devoted, passionate students who are ready to listen to the students. By doing a better job of promoting themselves and their elections! Senate is helping every person on campus. If campus media is utilized, even more people can be reached and informed.

If you haven’t already, be sure to vote today.


Derek Brandt on 29 Apr 2010: Things are a two way street. While I agree that those running for Senate and the Student Senate election committee could do a better job, the campus media, especially the student voice, should be actively seeking to profile candidates for office and inform the student body.