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May 26, 2024



New Health Care Bill opens door for superficial arguments

March 31, 2010

Here at the Student Voice, it seems that a lot of articles, editorials and columns carry a theme of “raising awareness.” 

That’s not necessarily the point here, though. With the passing of the health care bill very recently and absorbing people’s reactions, I am just more and more convinced that people have no idea what they are talking about, and have absolutely no intentions of forming a structured opinion on the bill itself.

Party wise, I don’t even want to say that just “both sides” are being ridiculous, because it’s everybody. People are using the same three to four talking points they read in the New York Times, or hear on Fox News/MSNBC and reiterating them over and over again.

Look at our pathetic two party system over the past months. 

Each has the other side figured out. For Democrats, they are out of touch with Americans and spend money faster than they can count it. 

For Republicans, they hate America’s sick and are selfish religious nut jobs. That’s the best way to sum it up, right? 

With the way both sides of the aisle conduct themselves, I feel like it’s sending out a message of “hey kids, just so you know, the one that can talk louder and say the more outrageous thing will win the argument.” 

I would like to congratulate the Obama administration for finally getting some of that “change” done that was promised over, and over…and over again during and after the 2008 presidential election. 

Most of the articles and videos I’ve watched on people explaining the health care bill are filled with a lot of fluff, but still help us overall in understanding some of the central ideas.

Now, how is one to actually get informed on the bill in a non-biased way?

If you have the left explain it, they will make it sound like the greatest thing to come along in decades, and if you have someone from the right explain it, they will probably make it sound like the end of the world.

It’s the knowledge of things like this that actually make me empathize with those who are so incredibly apathetic.

I mean yes, you got the bill signed Democrats. Well done, but now I have to listen to all the Obama fanatics (that I’m pretty sure Barack himself isn’t a fan of) chant “Yes we did!”

These are the people that can’t name anything past those three to four talking points about the bill, and will honestly just use the bill being passed as some sort of ammo for an argument without actually caring what the bill will do for those that are really in trouble.

I feel the same goes with issues like global warming and immigration.

You can’t name one damned thing regarding the current policy, but boy are you angry about it!

The same goes with the other side. Now I get to hear “No Obamacare” every night on the news covering some sort of twenty- person protest outside a random city park, or something.

I want to wrap it up with an example from my own experience that maybe some of you can relate to. Do you have that person you just happen to know, that just wants to fight with you about everything?

Well, I do. One of the biggest things this bill has brought into the spotlight again is abortion.

Now, I have no shame in saying that I am proudly very, very pro-life. I feel like I have some credibility being given up for adoption when my birth parents were very young, and not selfish.

Abortion is the one issue I have the most passion for, and although I’m not going to sit down and shake you until you believe what I believe, I will gladly have a civil argument with the opposition any day.  Back to the story.

This certain gentleman who shall remain nameless decides to, out of all vehicles, go after me on Facebook chat.


Literally, the first line he threw at me after I told him my stance was something like this “Just because you’re adopted doesn’t make you some sort of (bleep)ing expert.

It’s great, because I care much more about the sick waiting to die than some stupid unborn child.”

The only response I could muster up is “So you’re the reason why people in opposing views tend to hate each other so much.”

He claims the government shouldn’t be involved in deciding whether abortion should be legal or illegal. Funny, because last time I checked the government was involved, and it’s called Roe v Wade.

Seems a little hypocritical.

“I don’t want the government involved because God forbid, they make a ruling that I disagree with!” Classy.

I’m not going to end this by saying “Hey, empathize and listen to what everyone has to say.”

Because honestly, you should already know that’s the adult thing to do.

All I’m asking is for you not to be the coward that talks the loudest and continues to make politics look like a pathetic joke.