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April 25, 2024




Wolfman pays homage to 1941 classic with compelling actors, splendid scenery

February 19, 2010

Not many fantasy creatures can really evoke fear in an audience, and the Wolfman is no exception, but regardless, it is a beautifully shot homage to the 1941 classic. Walking into the theater, I didn’t expect
to be extremely scared at any point in the film and I wasn’t, but the film did an excellent job of using suspense and action to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Maybe some of the special effects seemed a bit laughable at times, but it is the Wolfman. One of my few complaints about the film is that it seemed to move too fast. Before I knew it, the film was over.

With a cast including Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt, and Anthony Hopkins, clearly the acting wasn’t a negative. Even though the film seemed to fly by, I felt very compelled and intrigued by the characters. Anthony Hopkins was especially interesting as a devious and deranged father. Benicio del Toro filled the role of a troubled man perfectly, dealing with a terrible affliction. Emily Blunt added some much needed compassion to the film as the one person aiding the desperate del Toro.

The film really created a beautiful gothic world. The cinematography and scenery were superb and entrancing. This made it very easy to get drawn into the film, which had some of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in a long time. Something about the way it was filmed, the scenery and the tone really made me feel like I was watching an old film.

The Wolfman is not a film for people with weak stomachs. It was rated R primarily for all the gore and blood. So, if you like lots of blood and guts, this is the perfect film for you. The gore didn’t seem to faze me too much, but then again I’m a horror movie enthusiast. This is not a movie for kids, and I was appalled to see a few young children in the theater.

The film was an excellent remake of the 1941 classic, because it captures all the important aspects of the original and simply updates it using modern visual effects. If the film had been shot in black and white I would almost be compelled to believe that it was older. It certainly is shot like one. The cinematography, acting and storyline made the movie a great ode to horror classics, films and the special effects made it a great modern-classic horror film.

Natalie Conrad is a junior journalism and marketing communications major and French minor. She enjoys running,reading, writing, playing guitar, and traveling.