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June 20, 2024


Minnesota fans hope to see Brett Favre return in 2010

February 5, 2010

Less than one week after the Minnesota Vikings lost to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game, the talks have already resumed on whether the 40 year old legendary quarterback Brett Favre will return for one more shot at the Superbowl. As many of us have seen time and time again, Favre has a history of changing his mind, leading the media and the fans into a scurry that follows his every move. But this year, after being labeled a traitor by the green and gold and a tragic hero for the purple faithful, the fate of the Vikings 2010-2011 season may rest in his right arm.

When Favre signed with the Vikings back in August, there was a realm of uncertainty- how would his 40 year old body hold up, was his shoulder completely healed, and most of all, would he be the missing piece to the Vikings playoffs puzzle?. I have to admit, as a life-long Vikings fan, I was a little uncertain on how we could change former Public Enemy Number 1 into a Purple Savior. But my doubt was soon erased as the Vikings started off 6-0 and eventually made it all the way to the NFC Championship game in large part due to number 4.

Statistically Favre had the best season of his 19-year career, setting records for quarterback rating (107.2), completion percentage (68.4), and interception percentage (1.3). He also passed for 4,202 yards, 33 touchdowns, and a career low 7 interceptions. But with almost all of the Vikings starters returning next season, there could be little doubt that Favre could take them one step closer.

His impact on the Vikings was nothing short of admirable. Watching him make passes that were thought to be impossible in games like against San Francisco, or the emotional impact of defeating the Packers at Lambeau will be tough to exceed if he should return. But watching the 40 year old play like a little kid brought back the true reason why we watch or play football: to have fun and to make memories. I sure won’t forget the magic of this season, even pushing aside the heartwrenching loss to the Saints.

Favre accomplished what most Packers fans feared and what all Viking fans dreamed, defying the odds and making history. Give a few weeks or so, and watch once again how the tragic hero and football’s iron man will forever change the football landscape. No matter what he decides, the journey has been worth the while, but don’t be surprised if Favre returns to the team and the game that he loves so dearly.

Ashley Goettl is an alumna of UW-River Falls. She was editor of the Student Voice from fall semester 2011 to spring semester 2013.


Purple Reign to continue on 12 Feb 2010: Coin flip in overtime sealed it all for the Saints. Coin flip in favor of Vikings, and it was favorable for Purple to continue the Reign. The 2010-11 campaign started the minute the the Saints won the Superbowl. Thursday night football odds are Vikes or Steelers vs. Saints. Hopefully Brett will continue into his 20th season, and a win perhaps on that Thursday night starter game in 2010, will put home field advantage to the Metrodome and a march toward Texas in Superbowl 45.

Aaron on 11 Feb 2010: This is a joke...Favre is a good QB, but us Packer fans don't fear anything from him. We have Aaron Rodgers who had a better season statistically (besides having three less TD'S.) Plus, ARod is so young! We have him for a while. Viking fans can hang to their dwindling star, while we watch ours rise.

hopeful in Colorado on 08 Feb 2010: Born/raised in Minnesota, and have always liked the Vikings. Then when I met my wife (who grew up near Green Bay), I got into the Packers (still am), and fell in love with Brett Favre (well, you know, football love). Then, when he came to the Vikings, I thought, holy smokes!!...I get the best of both worlds. Other than the heartache in overtime in the NFC Championship game, 2009-10 was my favorite NFL season ever. It was such a pleasure to see my team as great (greater?) as it was when I was a little kid (I sat there on the floor, watching the Vikes through 3 of their 4 Super Bowl losses in the seventies). So, Brett, please come back for one more year.

Debra on 07 Feb 2010: As a die hard Mn Vikings I thought this year was so fun to watch. It was great the whole team came together. I hope he comes back he has a heart and a talent for the game.

john on 06 Feb 2010: "Favre accomplished what most Packers fans feared".....????? Who are YOU kidding? He "accomplished" exactly what every true Packer fan wanted...a humongous CHOKE with his new team, and even doubly delicious, it was the Vikings!

Mark on 06 Feb 2010: Awesome article. I agree on every point including and most especially the one where Brett returns to the Vikings. I have been saying we need him as QB in 2010-11 and for the next however many years our head coach! GO COLTS!

Carl on 06 Feb 2010: I have been a fan of brett fan, since forever. I truly think he should go another year... he really has made football worth watching.Everyone loves a gunslinger... by the way he was never a traitor.You cant be a traitor doing what you love... the packer fans should be thankful he gave them a championship.

Maureen McCarty on 06 Feb 2010: I published letter in WI State Journal titled "Packer Fans Shut Their Cheeseholes" as they are still belly aching about Favre coming to US. If his body can take it I so hope he comes back. I had the time of my life this year.

Wayne on 06 Feb 2010: ....ah !!!! But Next year the Vikings will not have the pansy schedule of this year and now that teams have seen what aggressive defense can do to Favre, I suspect he'll be setting the "throwing from his butt" record, too... .or is that the Fat Lady singing?????

jmmy on 06 Feb 2010: good article. I think Favre has a lot left in the tank. The NFL needs guys like Favre and Rex ryan. favre is a cash cow. he puts asses in the seats, sells tons of jerseys and makes for great drama which the NFL needs. Think about it, look at how boring this years superbowl is.


Britt on 06 Feb 2010: I love this! He has defied the odds this season. And I totally agreed withe everything said! Wonderful article! I would love to see him come back for one more (or more) season.

Favre Or'Bust on 06 Feb 2010: Favre, had nine interceptions. Two at the predictable "it's only me that can save the team time", and he blew it again. Enjoy the wild but predictable ride!