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Letter to the editor

Christian student follows golden rule

May 1, 2009

Reading the article written by Shawna Carpentier in the April 17 Student Voice greatly frustrates me as a Christian. I grew up all my life hearing about and trying to embody one of the greatest lessons learned throughout all faiths: THE GOLDEN RULE.

For me it is that simple. I find it hard to believe that the great human race has such a hard time getting the concept of three little words.

The golden rule tells us to treat/love others and we would want them to treat/love us. We should learn to love everyone for who they are, not to classify them or put them in a box that makes us feel comfortable.

Why should it be my or Ms. Carpentier’s place to tell anyone who they must be and how they must live? Why should anyone be the “law” on who can marry who? I would like to thank Ms. Carpentier for being one of those very same people who help to give Christians a bad name.

Please do not put words in my mouth. Yes I am a Christian! Yes I am bisexual! Yes I go to church and even teach Sunday school! I am a part of the Journey House Campus Ministry Leadership Team! All of these things make me who I am — a good Christian person. So do not put words in my mouth when you speak as a Christian.
Know that all Christians are not major conservatives. Please speak for yourself and not the entire religion because we are a diverse group of people! Do not put words in my mouth or the mouths of others. When I read the Bible I have NEVER found where it is written that it is wrong to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or even straight.

These ideas of “wrongness” come from the reader’s interpretations. Again, please do not put words in my mouth because they are not my views — speak for yourself and not for me.

Kristin Klossner, student