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June 12, 2024


UWRF students should root for Wisconsin sports teams

October 15, 2009

Without the label of being a University of Wisconsin school, you might forget what we are still in the “Dairy State.” The University has been buzzing with excitement over the Twins playoff run, Brett Favre and the Vikings, and even the start to the Wild season. I give Minnesota sports fans credit for being so passionate about their beloved teams because sadly, I rarely see Packer fans on campus getting jacked up for important games. On the other hand, some Minnesota fans, specifically, Viking fans, forget where they are, and hopefully this column will serve as a kind reminder that you’re still in Packer territory.

First off, I would like to thank Minnesota Vikings fans for justifying my hatred for the purple and gold. Often times I’ll think “I’m too hard on Vikings fans,” but then one of them will speak and I’ll think “actually, I’m probably being too soft.” Overall though, the rivalry is more fun because of the constant bickering and trash talking, as long as everyone remains civil, of course. For example, I was recently told after the Packers and Badgers losses this past week that “it must be suck to be a Wisconsin sports fan, huh?” I couldn’t help responding with “true, but not as much as being a Vikings’ fan for the past 49 years.” All in all, River Falls is seemingly the perfect place to be for the border battle between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our University is pretty much evenly split between the two states, so when it comes time to talking sports, both sides of the argument get pretty heated.

Let’s quickly look at other major professional sports. Why the hell would Timberwolves and Bucks fans fight? Both franchises are absolutely terrible. In regards to Brewers vs. Twins, the only reason either side should cheer against the other is when they happen to play each other, or if by some miracle, they both make it to the World Series. So when all is said and done, it makes sense why so much emotion is put into the Packer/Viking rivalry.

There are many “pros” of our Green Bay Packers, specifically, Aaron Rodgers. For those of you “Packer fans” that chastise Rodgers, and still kiss Favre’s back end like no other, please stop calling yourself Packer fans. I’ve heard from so many people that Rodgers is terrible, and yet his stats say otherwise. He’s been sacked, as of right now, more than any quarterback in the NFL. If those who are so quick to criticize actually understood how football works, they’d understand that believe it or not, most of those sacks are the offensive line’s fault. Rodgers has been forced to run for his life for the last 4 games. Luckily, we are getting Clifton back soon, as well as acquiring an old friend of the Packers organization, Mr. Mark Tauscher.

What else can Packer fans be happy about?  Statistics wise, we are pretty much in the middle of the road. Making the move to the 3-4 defense is tough, and we can’t expect miracles right away. However, we have some of the best backs in the league, and great front men on the d-line like Jolly and Jenkins. I don’t even need to mention the names of Driver and Jennings, because even non-Packers fans recognize their status as incredible receivers. I didn’t even touch on our rising stars such as Jordy Nelson. Regarding the Vikings, I’m not an idiot, and I recognize all the incredible talent Minnesota has. Minnesota fans for the most part, refuse to do the same.

Regardless of what evidence/opinions you have, the arguments still flare up in great number, and in an intense fashion. Looking back to the title of this column, just remember, Vikings fans, that you are technically on Packer “turf.” Vikings fans technically have the bragging rights for this season now with their win last Monday, but when it comes to comparing franchises, all the rights go directly to Packer fans. It doesn’t take the acquisition of big stars to put fans in the stands, because honestly, I laughed (condescendingly of course) when I heard how many single and season tickets were sold the day Brett Favre was signed.

You see Vikings fans, we understand the magic of Favre, because he played for us for, oh I don’t know, 15 years. But hey, what would Packers fans know about loyalty and love of their team though, right? There is only an average wait of 30 years for Packers season tickets.

Get excited Packers fans, there is a lot of season left, and our two losses have come from two teams that have a combined record of 9-1. We have the firepower, and we have the fan base, which at this stage makes me all the more proud to be a Green Bay Packers fan.

For those of you that forget where you are, let me be the first to say….welcome to Wisconsin, purple isn’t welcome here.


Tod Johnson on 18 Oct 2009: Packer Territory? Why, because of an arbitrary state line? Geographically speaking, the Metrodome is way, way closer than Lambeau. By this standard, River Falls is actually Viking territory... but no matter the criteria, my experience is that team loyalty in the Wisconsin border towns is divided about evenly. So I view Mr.Torkelson's article as an illegitimate grab for power by an inferior body threatened by the ascendancy of its rival. Much like a political minority ploy of intimidation, and arcane justification- this Packer fan is trying to obfuscate the fact that the Vikings rule!! Sorry, Mark- this year it appears that Minnesota followers have bragging rights.

Jeff Kaplan on 19 Oct 2009: Mark, I really believe your head is screwed on tightly and is facing the correct direction. Besides, doesn't everyone know that the grass is always GREENER on the other side of the fence. That means if you happen to like purple grass - an extreme rarity - you'd better look to the Green Grass of Green Bay for enjoyment and satisfaction. The Packers play for the long haul, not just a single season. Aaron Rogers was an understudy for Brett F. He watched, listened and learned. He has plenty of playing years left. Brett is almost a year-to-year deal. He may hang up his cleats. Then decide he could play more after all. The Vikqueens never regained the stature they had once Fran Tarkenton left the scene. And, with the Lord's help, the Green Bay (WISCONSIN) Packers will become the omnipresent thorn in the Vike's side.