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May 27, 2024



Disrespect too common among UWRF students

October 8, 2009

In last week’s issue, the Student Voice editorial staff wrote about the diminishing level of respect spreading like a virus through the UW-River Falls student body. More specifically, the editorial focused on the lack of respect students show each other through inappropriate cell phone use, and the disrespect shown to professors by students who use their cell phones in class and/or argue with their professors about classroom policy they arbitrarily disagree with.

Continuing that idea, the Student Voice editorial board staff feels that students on campus should show more respect to local, downtown businesses.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, many local businesses offer discounts to students for simply being UWRF students. Bo’s ‘N Mine has a “buy one, get one” special on Wednesdays; the Dish and the Spoon Café gives a 10 percent discount on beverage purchases; and South Fork Café offers 10 percent off Mondays - Thursdays. These are only a sample of the available student discounts - there are many more.

The point is that River Falls businesses go out of their way to provide bonuses, incentives, and discounts to University students. That respect should be returned, not scoffed at.

Members of the Student Voice have noticed, on several occasions, discourteous actions performed by students, most noticeably around bar closing. The way to respond to the kindness offered up by local business is not to incur public urination charges at the expense of the business walls and sidewalks. Wait until you get home, stop in one of the several gas stations along the way, just do something civil and sanitary to relieve yourself instead of disrespecting an area business that is already struggling to survive a poor economy.

Another disturbing trend is the increase of littering around town. UWRF is one of the four UW campuses leading the “green” charge, and the city of River Falls is following suit. That honorable initiative is betrayed when downtown is littered with Styrofoam carry-out containers, wrappers, bottles, bags and a myriad of BBQ-slathered chicken bones from Bubba’s. There are plenty of refuse containers placed around campus and round town. Respect the local businesses, and the city itself, by throwing your garbage away.

Forget H1N1, the erosion of common decency and respect is a social plague that is far more dangerous, is affecting more people, will out-survive all other forms of disease known to man, and yet doesn’t need two shots to cure.