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April 25, 2024



Letter to the editor

Student disappointed by columnist’s complaints

September 25, 2009

I just wanted to thank Kristen Blake for writing such a compelling column in the September 18th, 2009 edition of the Student Voice. Not very many people can take up half a page on such an important issue as people complaining about various events.

Are you one of those people who see the glass as half empty? Maybe you should open your eyes and get your hearing checked, because there are people on campus who write thank-you notes to professors who have made an impact on his or her life.

Also, when I hold a door open, any- where on campus, most people will at least say “thanks,” if not flash a smile while doing so.

As a final note, you should take some of your own advice, which can be found in your article. Examples include:

1. “Most anything is more useful than bitching. Whining gets you nowhere.”

2. “Temper tantrums and the silent treatment won’t get you anywhere if (you’re) trying to instill change.”

From my observation, the majority of your column was you complaining about people complaining.
My hat is off to you for having the guts to want to have that in a public paper, but next time, skip the drama queen act and find a topic that won’t waste anyone’s time.

Hope you start seeing the brighter side of life.

Katrina Konrad