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May 23, 2024



Graduates need to reflect on college

May 7, 2009

The Student Voice would like to congratulate this year’s graduating class. The seniors taking that hallowed walk across stage are closing one chapter in their life. The life of all-nighters, finals and thirsty Thursdays is ending. But a new, equally exciting chapter is now opening in your life.

But every ounce of excitement is matched with fear and apprehension. This year’s graduates have the added challenge of entering the job market during one of the worst economic hardships since the Great Depression. But don’t get discouraged. Instead of using this summer to relax one last time, take the opportunity to work at internships and volunteer for charity work, both of which will make you more employable.

Beyond working, take this time to reflect on your time here at UW-River Falls. This University has a long-standing record of lighting the flame within countless influential and successful people. UWRF alumni include an economic adviser to President Obama, a department head at NASA, a physical trainer for the New York Jets and a famous explorer of rural China. The list goes on and on. UWRF has provided you with a robust set of skills that will lead to advancement in any sector.

Think about all the classes you have taken, the friendships made, the lessons learned. Take everything that has happened over the past four or five (maybe six) years and apply that to your future. Because that is all college really is. A series of moments that can be molded into teachable moments, each with a specific and unique lesson that, when understood and applied correctly, will impart on you not only knowledge but wisdom.

Before you leave, take some time out of your busy schedule and thank those who have helped you along the journey. As you walk out of your finals for the last time, shake your professors’ hands and thank them. Thank your adviser for showing you the path(s). Tell your RAs and/or HMs from years past what their advice meant to you. Keep in touch with the friends you have made. One of the biggest crimes you can commit is leaving those who influenced you ignorant to the change they were a part of.

Go forth and change the world, each in your own personal way. It may take some time to break into the sector or industry you want, but stick with it. Get an internship in the time being and hone your skills. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

You have had many professors in your time here, but remember the few who have had a great influence on your education and career path.