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June 16, 2024


Stupid people decide with stupid reasoning

April 16, 2009

You know what I’m tired of? Stupid people. 

I’m driving home from work the other night. I pull over into the next lane, to pass the car in front of me. I look forward and see a car’s headlights coming straight in my direction. 

These two lanes of traffic are going one way. This stretch of road goes through five stop lights, which makes me wonder; did the individual driving the car not understand that the lights were on the other side? Did you not realize that to your left are two more lanes of cars that are driving the same direction as you and you’re on the other side of the median? Alright, you’re going the wrong way and you almost hit two cars. 

You not only don’t move out of the way, you maintain your speed and continue down the road. Hello? Did you not notice the five cars that swerved off the road when you passed? 

What about the people who complain about being overweight. Yet you see them eating fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Please don’t sit here and tell me how you can’t lose weight when you are literally feeding yourself the pounds. 

In the same sense, people complain about having no money.

You don’t have enough money to fix your car. Then you go and get a new tattoo and change your hair color. You don’t have money to pay for school, but you have to buy your cigarettes. 

Don’t complain to me that you’re broke when you go out and spend $30-40 a night on liquor. I hate those conversations that begin with “I have so much homework and I literally have no time to do it.” Then I see that on Facebook that you just spent three hours filling out the 100 random questions survey. 

I don’t experience this much, but my friends tell me that the fire alarms get pulled often in the dorms. Two in the morning and you’re out in the snow, wearing your Spongebob pants. What is the need to pull the alarm? What is so fun about it? I just want to say to those people, you’re stupid!  I watch my classmates drag themselves into biology lab on Friday mornings after a long night of drinking and crazy stunts.

I understand having fun, but drinking to insanity the night before you know you have lab at 8 a.m. every Thursday is stupid!  I have respect for most people in this world, but I must admit that there are a lot of stupid ones out there. This is not directed at everyone.

This is directed towards those select few who hurt, mess with, upset and make other’s lives worse because of the stupid decisions they make. The stupidity needs to end. Use common sense, don’t do it, or at the very least, stop complaining about it please.

Cristy Brusoe is a student at UW-River Falls.