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April 21, 2024



Letter to the editor

Christian policies deny freedom

April 24, 2009

Miss Carpentier: by publishing your historical inaccurate views you only continue to spread the misconceptions you hold.

The United States was not founded by what we know as “modern” Christians. Most of the founding fathers were Deists, those that believe that God exists, but that he created the universe and left it to be according to the rules he set up.

It says in the first amendment that the Government shall not prefer one religion to the other. Since the United States is not a nation founded on Christianity, it is discrimination to deny gays and lesbians the rights they fight for. Even if the U.S. were founded as you state, denying legal civil rights, no matter the terminology, is the exact definition of discrimination. If you subject the American people to Christian rules of conduct, you’re denying their religious beliefs.

Your arrogance and self-righteousness is your own business; please keep it to yourself in the future.

Daniel Young
Atlanta, Ga.