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July 12, 2024

Letter to the editor

Desperate need for new HHP building

March 13, 2009

In response to Aaron Billingsley’s column, I had a problem with his suggestion to cease construction of a new Health and Human Performances building to build a new KFA instead.

I am a health and human performance major, and we NEED a new building. Half the time you cannot even hear lectures because the heaters are so loud and it is always either too hot or too cold. The Emogene Nelson building is by far the worst for classes.

Regarding the gym, UW-River Falls has the highest rate of injury for sports using that gym floor. The ceilings are too low and the floor is rock hard. I think that the HHP building is way worse to have class in than KFA. Granted I am not in the KFA building all of the time, I know Karges is a horrible facility. It is vital for upcoming students to have a new building.

Rebecca Troop, student