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June 12, 2024


‘Bride Wars’ follows ‘chick flick’ formula, lacks convincing characters

February 12, 2009

Occasionally, there is a chick flick that has something to offer to not only the other gender, but to the culture in general. Rest assured folks, this review isn’t about one of those. The latest in poorly made chick flicks that have abandoned all semblance of good filmmaking is “Bride Wars.” “Bride Wars” has a plot that definitely plays only towards a girl’s heart, a slew of ridiculous and terribly acted guy characters and boundless errors in filmmaking to be found in general.

The plot of the movie is one of the factors that contributes to the sub-standard quality of the entire movie. Two girls who have grown up together both have their hearts set on a June wedding at The Plaza Hotel in New York City turn on each other after their weddings are scheduled on the same day. What proceeds from this point is one of the most predictable, unfunny and sometimes just downright sad-to-see films that I’ve ever watched.

I think there would have been something for the male audience to enjoy if there had been a single believable male character throughout the entire hour and a half sojourn into chick flick hell. Every single guy in the movie is a cliché, from the nice soon-to-be husband, to the sexy brother of the bride—and let’s not forget the gay sidekick.

And altogether these guys probably have a combined screen time of perhaps 15 minutes. It is a one-sided movie when it comes to the gender, but at least the filmmakers could have found some people who can act.

And aside from those two big ones, let’s not forget the countless continuity errors, issues with re-using the same shot and the useless voiceover that continues throughout the entire flick.

When you can watch a movie and notice without putting forth any effort that a character’s attire has completely changed positions from one shot to the next, there’s something wrong with the filmmakers. The same shot is used multiple times of the Plaza, and I’m not just talking about the photo from the character’s childhoods. Technically, this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The one beam of light that shines through the clouds is the job that Anne Hathaway did in her part. She was good throughout the entire flick, and completely believable, unlike her counterpart Kate Hudson. Hudson was good throughout most of the movie, but the moment anything gets sentimental, there’s not a shred of believability in her performance. However, her acting overshadows that of every single supporting cast member.

With Valentine’s Day being this weekend, I’m sure there are throngs of girls who will be pushing to see this movie. Men, for the love of God, convince them to go see “He’s Just Not That Into You,” which at least seems to have something for men to watch as well as women. It also cannot possibly be worse than the exercise in terrible filmmaking that “Bride Wars” has proved to be.

1 star out of 5

Nathan Piotrowski is a digital film and television major with a film studies minor. In his spare time, he attempts to be a professional lottery winner.