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July 14, 2024


Taylor Swift hits charts, numerous demographics

December 4, 2008

Taylor Swift fans can thank Joe Jonas for being part of the inspiration behind her new album, “Fearless,” released Nov. 11. From your first love to the “one that got away,” Taylor Swift hits home and has the power to heal a broken heart. 

A new face to the country music scene, Swift has climbed the charts, crossing over to the popular music genre on the radio. Even for those who do not appreciate country music, Swift seems to reach any music fan with her catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

While her voice is not necessarily impressive or jaw dropping, the passion and sincerity in her lyrics are enough to leave you with goose bumps. In fact, you may not realize her songs are stuck in your head until you find yourself humming the tune on the way to class.

The first track, “Fearless” conveys the feeling of falling in love when you aren’t expecting it. Like most of the other tracks on Swift’s new album, this one is particularly catchy.

The second track, “Fifteen,” is about the naivety of being young and impressionable. The song tells the story of how Swift met her best friend, Abigail, and how they made it through their high school years together. Swift sings about her first date, first kiss and first love and how much her feelings have changed since then.

“Love Story” is a sort of fairytale song-a Cinderella story, if you will. In this slow ballad Swift is Juliet while her beau is Romeo. The couple has to sneak out to spend time together and plans to run away, but she gets anxious waiting for him. At the end of the song, the boy says all the things Prince Charming should tell his princess and asks her to marry him.

“Hey Stephen” is probably one of the catchiest songs on the entire album. It begins with Swift humming the melody line and continues with her expressive lyrics. She sings about a crush and how she simply can’t help falling for him and wanting to be with him. The song is basically a guidebook on what to tell your crush if you want anything to come of it.

Track five, “White Horse,” is a complete contradiction from “Love Story.” This track is about the disappointment that comes with being hurt and broken-hearted. Believing and trusting the boy she loved has brought her to the realization that real life is nothing like a fairytale; she didn’t realize how this guy just isn’t right for her until now.

“You Belong With Me” can be described as an anthem for ladies everywhere who have that guy friend who doesn’t notice her the way she wants him to. Swift is singing to this guy she hangs out with, but he has a girlfriend. She wants him to see her romantically and understand they are perfect for each other. In addition to its all too commonly understood feeling, this song is also pretty catchy, with a tempo that is a bit faster than most of the other tracks.

One of the most notable tracks, “Breathe,” is a slow, heartfelt ballad about being brokenhearted. Swift can’t breathe without the person she has to live without, but she knows she has to. This song is perfect for anyone who has suffered a recent breakup.

The tenth track, “The Way I Loved You” is a nice follow-up to “Breathe.” This ballad is about finding someone new but still missing that old flame that got away. It’s not that you don’t love the new person; it’s just not the same intensity of love with this other person.

“The Best Day” is song is about being thankful for everything you had growing up and everything your parents have done for you. Swift is writing about her mother, which is not clear until the end of the song.

Musically, “Fearless” is a step-up from Swift’s self-titled album, which was released in 2006. The new songs are catchier and speak to a wider demographic of music listeners.

Alayne Hockman is a student at UW-River Falls.