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June 20, 2024


Academics not the only college lesson

November 20, 2008

Your parents were right-it’s time to grow up. 

College is the time when you finally can step out from your parent’s sphere of influence and begin to think for yourself. College is not just for academic learning. It is for learning life’s lessons.

Now is the time to start building relationships and social skills that will be necessary later in life. Communication is key to building strong relationships. Take initiative and confront situations head on; speaking out responsibly is better than acting out irresponsibly. 

Do not rely on superficial or indirect methods of communication, face-to-face confrontations build better rapport and prepare you for uncomfortable situations that you will undoubtedly run into in the real world. The interactions with professors and students now will help prepare you for dealing with bosses and co-workers in the future. 

If you choose to drink, be responsible and give yourself limits. 

Too often we see people in the police report fighting, vandalizing and stealing as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. Fines are installed for a reason. If you find yourself listed in the police blotter, own up to your mistakes and realize that what you did was unlawful and wrong.  Be responsible in your actions and learn from your mistakes. 

In college your mistakes are your own, and only you are to blame for the consequences.

Now is the time to start thinking about your future and your career. 

There is a lot of potential that can start benefiting you very quickly, as long as you don’t spoil it by acting like a stereotypical college student now. 

The choices you make now will follow you through life. 

Find maturity on your own, it shouldn’t be forced into you by bad experiences. The interpersonal and real-life skills you develop in college are invaluable and just as important as the academics that