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May 23, 2024


Letter to the editor

Campus recycling systems explained

October 31, 2008

Recycling and trash bins in the basements were phased out because of health and safety reasons. Building custodians and recycling representatives lugged the heavy bins up the stairs outside of the halls, which tend to become slippery with ice during winter. Most of the dumpsters, both trash AND the one specifically marked for recyclables, are located near the halls. The dumpsters are not placed closer to the halls because of the accessibility for the MSW trucks used to pick up the trash and recyclables, they need room to turn around and maneuver.

The University supplies a trash bin AND a recycling bin in each room, there is no reason that students can’t already separate trash and recyclables. Residents can most definitely ask for a second trash bag to line their recycling bins with (or reuse plastic Econo or Shopko bags). There are not recycling bins on every floor for safety reasons, they can get heavy and they are extremely bulky.

The reason there have not been recycling bins in the Suites for the first part of the year is because there was not a recycling representative to bring the recycling bins outside. Now that the Suites have a recycling rep, they will be putting a recycling bin in each trash room on each floor.

We have entered a nationwide recycling contest for the past two years called Recyclemania that occurs in the spring semester and the University plans to compete again this year. Thank you for pointing out that recycling is one easy way to be more sustainable, that it is important, and that it deserves more recognition and awareness on campus.

Becky Alexander, Earth Conscious Organization