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May 25, 2024


Kansas City Chiefs return to River Falls

May 1, 2008

This summer will mark the 18th year the Kansas City Chiefs call River Falls home. Starting July 24, the Chiefs will be using Ramer Field, the UWRF practice fields, dorms and lecture halls to run their summer camp. They will stay in town until August 15.

  ”I think it’s a tremendous thing for the city, the region and UW-River Falls,” Athletic Director Rick Bowen said. “They come here because we’ve got great fields and great weather ... it’s not too humid.”

  Larry Testa’s role is to act as a liaison between the University and the Chiefs as the camp coordinator.

  “This is their 18th camp here, they must like it,” Testa said. “I think it’s a win for everybody.”

  Measures have already been taken to prepare for the Chiefs arrival. The grounds person has already arrived to start working on the practice and Ramer Fields, Testa said. 

  “I’ve coordinated the rental of the lifts (they use to tape practices), I’ve contacted the person who’ll deliver the ice,” Testa said.

  In the near future, plans will be made for menus and various activities planned like a family day type activity. Testa said the Chiefs may potentially be scheduling a scrimmage with the Minnesota Vikings.