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May 29, 2024



2008-09 hall managers ready to take charge

May 8, 2008

Seven new hall managers and three returning from this year will be in control of the campus residence halls for the 2008-09 school year.

The three returning include Mike Bremer, Jessie Gadach and Mallory Schultz.

“We are excited to have them back,” Jason Neuhaus, west end area coordinator, said. “At the beginning of the year it can get a little overwhelming with questions from the hall managers. This should help spread it out a little.”

Mallory Schultz, from Minnetonka, Minn., will be working in Johnson for the upcoming school year. She said she is looking forward to getting to experience working with the substance free wing.

“I think one of the challenges for me will be adjusting to living on the west side of campus for the first time,” she said.

Jared Acker will be the hall manager in Stratton Hall next year. Acker is a food science and technology major who said he is looking forward to having a cohesive staff that goes above and beyond the expectations of all the hall’s residents.

With the experiences Acker has, he knows that one can never know what to expect and he said that will be his biggest challenge.

“[It’s] being prepared for the unexpected,” Acker said. “Even with two years experience in residence life, unusual circumstances will arise.”

Acker said he is looking forward to getting to work with his staff and the other hall managers on campus.

Nicole Grundtner, a junior elementary education major, will be in charge in Prucha Hall when school begins in the fall.

“I hope to have a great hall community atmosphere,” she said. “I hope people will be excited about things going on in the hall and about the staff.”

And although Grundtner said it will be challenging to remember everyone’s name, she is excited to be a part of the campus and Prucha community.

Patricia Fredricksen is the hall manager in May for next year.

Jessie Gadach, from Elk River, Minn., will be graduating next spring with a degree in biology and chemistry. She will be spending her final year as the hall manager in Hathorn.

“Overall, this job is can be very busy at times, but the experience is worth it,” Gadach said. “Working in the residence halls is great.”

Kayla Haines will be the hall manager in Crabtree. She is an elementary education major from Scandia, Minn.

“I am looking forward to working with first year students,” she said. “There is a lot of growth during our first year of college and I am excited to provide programming and opportunities in Crabtree that aids students in this growth.”

Junior Ken Weigend will be the hall manager in Grimm for the upcoming school year. He is from Jackson, Wis. Weigend said he will miss the one-on-one interaction with residents that you get being an RA.

“I look forward to the challenges and rigors that will obviously be afforded me through hall manager,” Weigend said. “I am honored to have been selected and I hope I don’t let everyone down to much.”

Mike Bremer will be the hall manager in McMillan for the 2008-09 school year.  He is a marketing communications major.

“...I hope to create a hall that is accepting of all types of people and their different beliefs. [I want] a place where everyone can be safe, relax and have a really great year gaining new friendships and living in McMillan Hall,” Bremer said.

Becca Peine, a junior from Cannon Falls, Minn., is a communications studies major and will be the hall manager in Parker next year.

Peine knows it will be difficult to balance school and the job, but said she is excited for the challenge.

“As a former resident of Parker Hall I am really excited to become the hall manager,” she said. “I had so many positive experiences there my freshman year that I would like other residents to have.”

Daniel Scott will be the hall manager in the apartment style living for students next year in South Fork Suites. Scott is a sociology and psychology major who is looking forward to working with the generally upperclassman living in the Suites.

“The opportunity to work in an upper class student environment is going to be fun one, but also a challenging one,” Scott said. “The RAs and I are going to utilize our experiences we’ve had as staff members to create an environment that appeals to the interests of upperclassmen. This is going to be a challenge, but I am looking forward to meeting this challenge head on, and so is my staff. We are all very excited for next year to come.”

Neuhaus said he was confident in new hall managers and looks forward to working with them next year.