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June 12, 2024

Letter to the editor

Land use, zoning meetings are set

April 17, 2008

Pierce County is developing the county comprehensive plan that will determine future land use and zoning. 

Pierce County is seeking public input for future land use planning. Effects of land use can include where commercial zones and business development take place, the population density in an area, planning for future mass transit or walking and biking accessibility to work and recreation, future pollution on issues involving septic tanks and wells, and many other environmental and social issues.

Meeting for the comprehensive plan will take place at the following times and locations:
• April 23 - Diamond Bluff Town Hall (Sub-Area 2)
• April 24 - Rock Elm Town Hall (Sub-Area 4)
• April 29 - River Falls Town Hall (Sub-Area 1)
• April 30 - El Paso Town Hall (Sub-Area 3)

This is an opportunity to help shape the direction our county will take in future development.
I encourage all people to attend one of these sessions and make their views for future land use known.

Ben Plunkett,
Student, County Board Member