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April 25, 2024



Letter to the editor

Kinni Coffee owner stands by business

April 3, 2008

  After reading your article on the comparison of the coffee houses in town I had mixed feelings.

  I appreciate the first amendment and strongly believe in all it stands for. At first, I was questioning the journalist and her commitment to write about what her readers need to know.

  After that I had to think to myself, is it her responsibility for the article taking a biased turn on information that had nothing to do with the article. 

Or was it an editor’s mistake for not fulfilling her fiduciary duties to the students?

  It was poorly written, a lot of the information couldn’t be justified and wasn’t followed up on.

  Either way I’m glad the article was written because it encourages the students of River Falls to come in and compare my business to the competition.

  I’m confident and proud of Kinni Coffee & Lounge and everything it stands for. Our Fair Trade organic products, eco friendly containers, our recycling dedication, clean label bakery, live acts on weekends, and specialty beer selection sets us apart from any “coffee house” in town. 

  Actually we are more of a lounge that will soon have lunch specials and a pet friendly patio.

  We donate to the ECO club on campus, sponsor the dance team, host the small business chamber meetings and take part in the events that this town hosts. River Falls is a community that should have supportive writers and involved readers.

Eric Anderson,
Kinni Coffee