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May 20, 2024


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Letter to the editor

Chancellor Betz disappoints student

April 11, 2008

Wonderful. It’s no surprise that Chancellor Betz used UW-River Falls as a stepping stone to Chancellordom before crawling back to his lair.

None of his policies and future goals for this campus made any sense or aligned with any previous goals. We were just a test lab for his ideas and a poor fit for them at that. I just hope Connie Foster will start rolling back everything he’s done to the campus and follow along with the previous agenda of maintaining a small, friendly campus community with excellent staff and faculty.

It would be great to see those ugly chain fences removed and our nice, comfortable dirt paths replaced as soon as possible.

The clock that matches nothing on campus should be sold to the highest bidder that will drag it off, with the proceeds going to replace the giant trees we had to cut down outside North Hall.

I find it ridiculous that we have a recognized landscaping major and we are not actively using deciduous trees to block the sun during the summer and dramatically lower cooling costs.

The efforts of self-sustainability and energy conservation have definitely gone in the wrong direction since Betz arrived.

Robert Hughes,