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June 20, 2024

Campus summer job hiring process undergoes changes

April 10, 2008

In the past, all of the summer staff positions on campus were handled by Conference Services, but now each department is hiring and training its own staff.

  “This is a summer of transition,” Residence Life Director, Sandi Scott-Duex, said.

  Residence Life began accepting applications for summer staff positions March 24, started interviewing this week, and will continue to accept applications until all positions have been filled.

  “There is still someone here that will be the contact point, but housing handles the housing end of summer, dining handles the dining end,” Scott-Duex said. “Ultimately what that will do is allow us to be better providers of service to whoever our guests are in the summer.”

  The positions Residence Life is hiring for are: three summer conference managers, three summer resident assistants, approximately six conference assistants and a custodial crew.

  “Throughout the spring we’re always looking for more students who are interested in summer custodial positions,” Residence Life Area Coordinator, Jason Neuhaus, said.  “We don’t feel we’ll have any difficulties filling the other positions, but the custodians we’ll continue to hire probably through the first day of work.”

  Most of the summer positions have a varied work schedule depending on when there are camps and conferences that need assistance.

  The custodial positions are more structured with set work hours from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with occasional weekends, according to the job posting.

  On average, UWRF hosts between 30 and 40 camps and conferences during the summer.

“We’re hardly ever totally swamped unless a big conference comes, like last year we had the Friends conference and used every single space we had on campus,” Neuhaus said.

  The conference assistants and conference managers will get training in customer service, facilities management, emergency procedures and public relations over the summer.

  “Our number one goal is to provide great customer service. Whether they’re campers, summer school students, conference participants in the summer—we’ll provide great customer service,” Scott-Duex said.

  Students who work on campus during the summer are able to take one class during each summer session, according to the job posting. 

  Although students will be working, they will have time to get to know other summer staff.

  “It is a unique opportunity for [students] to be on campus in the summer and that core group of students that work together really become a mini family and have a lot of fun working together in the summer,” Kristie Feist, Residence Life Area Coordinator, said.

  The camps that come to UWRF have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the students and the future of UWRF.

  “Every camp that comes in is a good group of potential UWRF students for the future,” Neuhaus said. “If we can really wow them with our services, that can really increase our admission numbers down the road when they remember they had a positive experience here.”