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July 12, 2024

Letter to the editor

Women go wrong with UGG boots

March 6, 2008

  In last week’s issue of the Voice, Megan Leoni voiced her views on men’s facial hair (we assume that her views on women’s facial hair are quite similar). We would like to voice our dissenting opinion on the topic.

  While we agree that any facial hair on women is in fact quite hideous, we are in favor of the masculine counterpart.

  Traditionally, men’s facial hair has been a bastion of masculinity and wisdom—an overall sign of social dominance. However, instead of debating the finer points of the Fu Manchu and the Petit Goatee, we would like to inject our own critique of gender-specific winter related fashion.

  To our eyes, there has never been a more shameless display of public indecency than the recently popular UGG slipper/boot.

  Now we can sympathize with the inherent goal of UGG—to create a stylish, comfortable, warm boot, as we can sympathize with Stalin’s goal of industrializing the Soviet Union. Where we disagree is in the methodology and end product. 

  The first offence by UGG is making a ridiculously ugly boot. UGGs are the Moon Boots of the 21st century. The last person we saw in Moon Boots was Billy Peterson in elementary school.

  After the first week of winter, little Billy would fake illness right before recess to avoid a heavy beating for such a fashion faux pas.

  The thing that really gets us is the variation of UGGs with a pair of little furry balls hanging form each boot; we like to call them testicle UGGs.

  While we understand the psychoanalytical concept of penis envy, we think this boot is just too blatant of a representation.

  The one redeeming factor that could save UGGs from our disgust at this point would be if they were absurdly cheap; however, this is not the case. In our observations it seems like quite a few UGG owners must have spent the entirety of their budget on these boots sinced they are forced to wear what seems to be their fathers’ sweatpants.

  For all of those women out there who, against their better judgment, are considering joining the “UGG Revolution,” we have only this solemn advice: don’t!

Torben Larsen
Jordan Hedlund,