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April 25, 2024



Letter to the editor

Supreme Court can not be bought/sold

February 7, 2008

Last year, Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce (WMC) spent over $2 million in special interest money to purchase a seat on our Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

This year, even before some people had a chance to take down their Christmas decorations, WMC is already airing their first special interest ad designed to buy another seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court by unseating Justice Louis Butler.

Someone should tell these outside special interests that our government, especially our Supreme Court, is not some commodity to be bought and sold.

WMC’s over $2 million plan to unseat Justice Butler and install a puppet Justice goes against the very notion of elected government.

When corporations poison our families by selling hazardous and inferior products like lead toys and arsenic pet food, I don’t want that company’s CEO in charge of our courts.

WMC just made this April’s election an easy choice for me.  I’m standing up to WMC’s $2 million special interest money by voting to retain Justice Louis Butler.  A Supreme Court race should be an election, not an auction.

Brandon Buchanan
Eau Claire City Councilman