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May 25, 2024


Students blame club for lack of parties

February 28, 2008

River Falls wouldn’t be complete without its party houses. The new Rumor Night Club calls itself “a destination spot” for the town. Opened Sept. 4, River Falls’ latest night club consists of a sports bar and grill in the front of a warehouse building and an event center in the back. The club is located at 1107 S. Wasson Lane, about two blocks south of Moody’s car dealership, slightly out of the partying realm of River Falls.

Among a large number of UWRF students, Rumor Night Club is to blame for the end of their mega parties. On Dec. 13, the last Thursday of classes of fall semester, a popular party house was raided by police. With over 100 people in the house, 66 people received underage consumption citations. A resident of the house took the rap for the other renters with a citation for selling intoxicants without a proper license.

“The cops were there for like five hours. I was hiding on the roof for a long time,” said UWRF student Joe Nourse.

Many rundown college houses across the nation rely on the profit made from the parties for minors hosted in their dwellings to pay the bills and even rent. A sum of $415 was earned at this party, but was later confiscated by police.

According to a police report by Sgt. Michael Reardon, “The subject who identified himself as Benjamin Michael Leske had called the dispatch center and was complaining about an underage party that is taking business away from him at Rumors Night Club.” One of the residents of the party house, Anthony Brown, said that the police were friendly and cooperative during the incident. After an undercover police officer purchased a $5 cup and made his way throughout the house, several more police officers arrived and began to conduct alcohol breathalyzer tests. Since the breathalyzer tests were not functioning properly due to the excessive amount of smoke in the house and the cold temperatures outside, many were asked to be processed at the police department. Campus security officers were also called in to assist at the police department.

The police report indicates that a complaint was called in two days prior to the party as well as during the party, by Leske, the owner of Rumor Night Club.

“While I was en route to that location, I received a phone call from an officer who advised me that he had observed a van with the Rumor Night Club logo on it driving around the area,” police said.

The van was seen in the area at the same time that the dispatch requested a River Falls officer call them in regards to a party complaint.

“As soon as the Facebook group went up blaming Ben for making the call, they were worried it would be bad for the business,” said Nick Ascheman, UWRF alumnus and former employee of Rumor.

Even though the issue is no longer pending in court, Leske declined to comment.

Despite the “Anti-Rumor clubs,” the night club is looking forward to the spring season. The new volleyball court and outdoor softball field will be opened for the warm weather months. An outdoor patio will also be opened and available for customers to lounge outside while enjoying alcoholic beverages legally. The event center located in the back is also available for rent to private parties.

Three weeks ago Rumor received its food license and will now be serving food.

“The food will be similar to the style of a Champps Restaurant but at a lower cost,” said Leske.

For the UWRF students living on campus, Wednesday is 18-plus night, and Rumor provides the ride. A free shuttle bus runs from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. to and from campus and the downtown area of River Falls.

Leske, 30, in addition to being owner of the club, is a promoter and disc jockey for Maplewood’s The Myth Night Club.