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April 25, 2024




Freshman advises students to remember home

February 28, 2008

Home sweet home. As first year students we are required to live on campus. Prior to this year I was somewhat worried about living away from my home.

The first few weeks of second semester were quite different from the first couple of weeks of last semester.  Upon move in I wasn’t sure what to expect and will admit that for a while, I really missed my family.

Of course, it’s not the cool thing to say you miss your parents, but living with someone for 18 years of my life and then simply not seeing them for weeks at a time was quite a challenge.

As time went on it became much easier to pull out of the driveway and come back to school. Over the course of the first semester, this big brick building began to feel more and more comforting. Within the first month and a half I had made tons of friends and my dorm started to represent my personality.

By mid-November, River Falls had become my home away from home, and leaving for break was somewhat sad.

Now that I am back on campus and getting into the swing of my new schedule, forgetting about all I was used to at home is becoming easier.

However, after being home this weekend I have realized that leaving home wasn’t a challenge only for me, but for my parents as well.

As I have stated in previous columns, I am an only child and haven’t had the first-hand experience of a sibling type of relationship. I would be willing to bet that they, too, miss us when we are gone.

This weekend, I went home and spent most of my weekend with my family. I noticed that they really do miss me and were completely excited to have me home again.

I want to remind all of you first year Falcons to enjoy being here in your college lives, but also to not forget about our families and friends at home.

I have found that having old friends come and stay with us for the weekend or inviting your families to have dinner with us keeps a connection with home and gives them a chance let go as well.
As our home away from home, UW-River Falls is a place of which we should be nothing short of proud.

So as the semester continues and everyday life surrounds us, don’t forget to check in with those who are back in your hometown, and try to blend a little of college life with home life.

Linda Abel is double-majoring in marketing communications and business communications with an emphasis in professional organization. In her free time she likes to dance, watch movies, hang out with friends and spend time with family.