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May 27, 2024


Letter to the editor

Former student upset with rebuttal

February 7, 2008

I was disappointed to read your rebuttal to Mr. Defenbaugh’s letter in today’s Student Voice. As a former editor of a student newspaper and one-time journalism student here at UWRF, I felt your response was out of line. I understand how difficult it is to manage a paper. What I do not understand is how you formulated such a personal attack. Mr. Defenbaugh’s letter was addressed to the entire editorial staff, not you personally. In fact, you do not even edit the section that the incorrect article was published in. Of course, that may be something that changed during your “hilariously ironic” copy-editing session.

Mr. Defenbaugh’s letter did nothing but point out the discrepancies between the facts and what was reported by Ms. Olson, as well as say where accurate information can be found. His feelings toward the paper seemed nothing more than a wake up call to the staff of the Voice: You are supposed to be professionals-in-training.

Where the real unprofessionalism came in, Ms. Styx, was when you chose to respond. Instead of simply informing readers of the work it takes to put out a paper, you began insulting Mr. Defenbaugh, calling him “illiterate.” Being that he was able to read Ms. Olson’s article in the first place, that is blatantly incorrect, and just downright mean. You also criticize UWRF, saying that after five years, students still do not know how write a letter or use proper grammar.

I have always enjoyed reading the Voice, and have typically found the paper interesting and informative.    Unfortunately, now all I see looking at the pages are flagrant disregard for journalistic integrity. Good thing you are the one editing the Viewpoint section, Ms. Styx. There are few other desks your column would have made it off.

Traci A. Tufte