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July 14, 2024

Deadlines loom over graduation

February 14, 2008

Graduation is more than just a ceremony — it is a passage into a new chapter of a student’s life. Every exit is another entrance. But before seniors can exit, certain requirements need to be met.

With spring semester now in full swing, seniors need to start thinking about meeting graduation deadlines. Seniors graduating in spring or summer need to meet these deadlines in order to be able to walk in spring commencement and to receive their degrees.

Those students who will receive their degrees at the completion of spring term 2007-08 or summer term 2007-08 may participate in spring 2007-08 commencement. There will be two spring commencement ceremonies; both held May 17 in the Robert P. Knowles Building.

The deadline for participating in the spring commencement ceremony must be in by Feb. 18. Any student wishing to speak at spring commencement may fill out application online at the commencement homepage.

Dan Vande Yacht, who works in the registrar’s office, talked about how big commencement is.

“It is a big undertaking to take on commencement. We had around 3,000 guests last December and we expect to have around the same number this year.”

As for graduation, all seniors must apply for graduation by filling out a form which is available to them in the registrar’s office. Once the application has been filed out, a $40 fee will be added to your UW-River Falls account. This fee does not include the price of cap and gown.

When students apply for graduation, they must provide their own cap and gown. Those students who don’t have their own may purchase them from the University bookstore starting in the second half of the semester. Tassels will also be available in the bookstore and must be purchased separately.

Some students may choose not to participate in the spring commencement ceremony and still graduate at the end of the semester. Vande Yacht said that there is a difference between commencement and graduation.

“Commencement is celebrating student and faculty achievement, while graduation is where all the requirements have been met and those students can receive their degrees.” Kelly Browning also works in the registrar’s office. She said that degrees are granted four times a year, fall, j-term, spring and summer.

Both Browning and Vande Yacht said that it is very important for students to meet the appropriate deadlines.

Senior Ryan Stridde understands the importance of meeting deadlines.

“Yes, it is important for students to know when the deadlines are because if they don’t know, they won’t turn their things in on time and they won’t be able to graduate,” he said.

As some students get closer and closer to finishing up their college careers, it is important for them to remember that deadlines play an important role and need to be met in order for them to leave and move on to bigger and better things.