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May 27, 2024


Senator Sheila Harsdorf voices concerns, praise at Senate meeting

November 8, 2007

The recently completed budget, concerns about rising tuition and praise for the University Center were all voiced by guest speaker Senator Sheila Harsdorf in a Student Senate meeting Nov. 6.

Harsdorf began her speech with praise for the University Center ,citing its sustainable aspect as well as the fact that its construction was made possible using only student funds as reasons to use it as an example to others.

“I commend you as students,” Harsdorf said. “It took a strong vision to create this and in fact, when I travel around my district, I even use it as an example of what determined people can do.”

Harsdorf also took the opportunity to discuss the ups and downs of the recently passed budget with Senate members, voicing concerns about its tendency to borrow more money than in the past but also stressing that keeping tuition affordable should be a number-one priority.

“As students, future business owners ... these are the things that we need to be concerned about—the general well-being of the financial condition of the state,” Harsdorf said.

Healthcare, reciprocity and Darfur were briefly touched on as well, and for several minutes near the end of her portion, Harsdorf fielded questions from senators and student guests about everything from taxes to campus diversity.

In other Senate news, Peter Walbolt was appointed as First-Year senator by a unanimous voice vote.

Reports included a summary of this year’s successful Trick-or-Treating in the residence halls as well as an announcement that the Athletic Advisory committee Trick-or-Treat for Canned Goods collected over 3,000 cans, which is more than the last three years combined.

Students are reminded that the Student Association meeting will take place Nov. 13 in the University Center. Any and all students are encouraged to attend the meeting, which will serve as a large forum for discussion of issues that students feel need to be addressed, Shared Governance director Cindy Bendix7 said. Anyone who has a desire to get their voice heard is invited to join in the discussion, which is the “first step to seeing change on campus.”