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June 20, 2024

Letter to the editor

Semester Abroad deserves notice

November 8, 2007

I am in Europe serving as the group leader for the UWRF Semester Abroad: Europe program. I was excited to see an article about study abroad opportunities in the Student Voice (Nov. 1); however, I was very disappointed to see that your writer included no mention whatsoever of Semester Abroad: Europe—the oldest continuous study abroad program on campus.

There are currently 14 UWRF students around Europe having amazing, independent, life-altering experiences. They developed study projects in the spring and came to Europe this fall to carry them out. Some project topics include living in Barcelona and studying the work of Picasso and Gaudi; living in Cirencester, England and working with a milk marketing organization; living in Newmarket, England and helping to develop a vaccine to treat a serious respiratory disease in horses and I could go on and on. Students who are curious, adventurous and interested in an independent approach to study abroad in Europe should seriously consider this program. More information is available at:, from Dr. Magdalena Pala or 2008 SA: Europe group leader Dr. Ian Williams.

Brad Gee
Co-Director, Semester Abroad: Europe