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May 25, 2024


Letter to the editor

News alert: Packers won

November 15, 2007

I am responding to Chris Schad’s column entitled “Vikings to knock Packers’ fans down a peg.”

First of all, the Vikings put on a GREAT show on Sunday—top notch! It definitely entertained me. I had a feeling before the game even started that the Packers had a plan to stop Peterson to the best of their ability. I knew this because of an obvious reason: Brad Childress is not our coach and I thank the lord for that. The Packers, unlike the Vikings, actually use their home field to win football games. Can someone pass along that memo to Childress, please? That is why we are 8-1 right now.

The Packers don’t just pick out one “star” to rely on to win games. I believe Favre passed and handed off to around 10 different teammates before the half was even over. Now that Peterson is out for at least this Sunday, if not more games, what else do the Vikings have to lose? If I were Childress I would just forfeit the rest of the season to save myself more embarrassment. But then again, what’s more embarrassing than being shut out 34-0?

Maybe the Vikings will get with it and start utilizing their whole team next time. So, I am looking back on your article on Monday morning, just like you suggested, and I told you what I think, and I think you spoke too soon.

Think of it as bad karma: what goes around comes around!

Jaclyn Kasper