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July 14, 2024

Letter to the editor

Newspapers have responsibility to cover elections

April 12, 2007

I would like to thank the Student Voice for the coverage of the Wisconsin Spring election that occurred on April 3. Over a month ago I wrote a letter to the editor that in part stated how much I was looking forward to your coverage of these elections. Unfortunately I am unable to commend you for the coverage because the Student Voice had no coverage of the elections. UWRF has over 3,000 eligible voters who could have voted in these elections, for offices such as: State Supreme Court justice, city council, school board, and local judges. Only 62 people voted in these elections at the University Center, many students were unaware there even was an election.

The newspaper serves many purposes for students at UWRF. Among these purposes are informing students about what has happened and informing students about what will be happening that will affect them. The Student Voice has done a terrific job of covering what has happened on campus, when the paper does a better job of covering what will happen it can become a first-rate paper.

Most local papers in Wisconsin include at the bare minimum a sample ballot which serves to inform people who will be on the ballot on election day, and what offices are up for election. If the Student Voice met even this minimum standard, the students would be able to research the issues and candidates and then make an informed decision. If the Student Voice wanted to go beyond the minimum it could cover specific races and candidates, and better serve the student body in the Student Voice’s role as a newspaper.

Every April there will be an election in Wisconsin. Every citizen that has maintained a residence in Wisconsin for 10 days (including living in a dorm room) is eligible to vote in these elections. I hope the Student Voice takes note and next year remembers to serve their vital role as the sole official newspaper of campus. I look forward to being able to write a letter next year thanking the paper for serving their vital role in our democracy.

Ben Plunkett