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July 14, 2024

Letter to the editor

Corrupt leadership to blame

April 6, 2007

For anyone who has eyes to see it is obvious that our wonderful country is truly being destroyed from within due to ignorant, selfish and corrupt leadership.

If we continue down the road we are on, we will see: 1. Our economy quickly moving toward massive stagflation because of the gigantic deficit spending - without reform, millions of middle class citizens will suffer greatly; 2. Our culture is being balkanized by enormous, and growing levels of legal immigration and untold millions of illegal immigrants due to our open boarders; 3. Our industrial base (what made us strong) has been, and is, being irreparably shattered due to the insanity of NAFTA and GATT and outsourcing to China; 4. Our nation has no energy policy - except total dependence on foreign oil - this is a recipe for economic, environmental and political disaster.

The American people are responsible for the future of America and if we are to prosper, and/or survive, we need to enact these changes and improvements: 1. Bring the troops home now. Iraq is a brutal, costly and no win situation; 2. balance the budget now; 3. Protect our borders and institute immigration reform; 4. Bring jobs back to America - nullify NAFTA and GATT; 5. Institute a real energy policy based upon renewable energy and making America energy self sufficient.

George Humphrey
Austin, Texas