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November 29, 2023



Letter to the editor

Community not united

April 27, 2007

Don't get me wrong — I'm all for Unity in the Community, but as a health-conscious vegetarian, I was less than thrilled to see my limited options at the event. Pasta salad, corn, desserts, corn bread, and some "taco" concoction were all I had going for me.

Despite what the menu said, there was no watermelon. While I understand the goal of forcing all students with a meal plan to dine at the event was supposed to bring us together, I could not help but feel excluded.

Even in the cafeteria, I see an abundance of meat dishes that clash with vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, Jewish, Muslim and so on lifestyles. When I asked about vegetarian-friendly dishes, I was directed to the salad bar (duh), pizza and oily-looking entrees that claimed to be healthy.

I suppose I could be seen as picky, but I believe our food services needs to better realize that we do not all consume animals, we do not all like deep fried meals, and we can not simply be satisfied with moldy lettuce.

Food services needs to take into account the diversity we have in dietary needs on campus, whether it be for personal tastes, ethical reasons or religious beliefs.

Brittany Machus