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Students pose as Freddy Falcon during campus events

March 8, 2007

Freddy Falcon evolved from a 1930 Student Voice contest that named the athletic teams on campus. The $3 prize was awarded to the person who could name a swift, accurate and fearless predator. Harry Roese’s winning entry was the UW-River Falls Falcons.

This semester, some students have been borrowing the costume from the Involvement Center and wearing it at campus events.

Freddy Falcon has been seen at freshmen move in, Weeks of Welcome and student activities. However, the mascot was not in attendance at the opening of the University Center.

Freddy’s absence at the beginning of spring semester for sporting events, such as the attention-grabbing hockey games, and the week dedicated to the new University Center raised questions about his whereabouts amongst students.

Stratton said senior Amber Frome would be the person to contact in regards to reservations and access of the costume. Frome responded via e-mail, but said all information was off the record.

Any cheerleader questioned at this time refused to talk after speculation arose that they were keeping the costume and refusing to allow Freddy Falcon to appear at events. They would not go on the record with their information.

The UWRF cheerleaders and Freddy Falcon usually performed side by side at events like football games, but they have not been seen together since the group staged a boycott at the Oct. 14 game due to the then-advisor no longer allowing stunting.

Sophomore Jenny Phillips said a friend obtained the costume and asked her if she would wear it for the All Night Party.

“The costume was warm, and I was only in it for no more than two hours,” she said.

Phillips said she had a good time wearing the Freddy Falcon costume.

“It was a lot of fun and everyone wanted a picture or to mess with me,” she said.

Senior Lisa Stratton said she wore the Freddy Falcon costume during a presentation Feb. 26.

“I am a cheerleader and have played Freddy before, which is why I thought to use him in a creative way during our presentation,” she said.

According to the cheer and stunt Web site, the organization performs at “all men’s basketball home games and selected men’s basketball away games.  All men’s hockey home games. Selected men’s hockey away games (while classes are in session). All home football games and some selected away games.”

Junior Erin Foulkes performed as Freddy Falcon from 2004 to 2005 during the football and hockey seasons.

Foulkes said she auditioned for the position her freshman year. Two people conducted the interview, one was the captain of the cheerleading squad at the time.

Foulkes said the judges then took that information back to the cheerleading squad to ask if any of them had objections. She said she remembered Frome being another cheerleader who asked her questions in her interview.

“It was an informal interview about my passions and why I thought I could fill the exciting roll of Freddy Falcon,” she said. “They also asked what I thought I could bring to sporting events as Freddy.”

Foulkes said she would attend UWRF events as Freddy Falcon that took place on campus, near River Falls, or an event that was of importance to the University.

“Most sporting events I went to were where cheerleaders were also attending,” she said.

Foulkes said the Freddy Falcon costume consists of a lot of parts. She said most people admire the muscular look, and Freddy Falcon appears ready to beat any opponent.

There is only one Freddy Falcon costume used for events.

“We take very good care of the costume and make sure nothing happens to it,” Foulkes said.

Foulkes said performing as Freddy was the best thing she did in her college career.

“Freddy Falcon is the icon of UWRF, and I am honored and proud to have been a part of it while I was here,” she said.

A current person designated as Freddy Falcon could not be reached or the information was off the record.

For further information on Freddy Falcon or how to reserve the costume, students should contact the Involvement Center.