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UC events entertain students

February 1, 2007

Students flocked by the dozen to enter the new University Center Jan. 21. The long awaited open house ran that evening to show students what the new building had to offer in terms of dining options, banking and entertainment.

While students are impressed by the vast changes from the old Student Center to the newly erected University Center, a number of them are impressed by the various options for entertainment in the new building.

“It’s really exciting,” Entertainment Coordinator Karyn Kling said. “There are a lot of new places, and a lot of things to do.”

One of the more popular faculties used by students is the game room on the main floor. The room houses two pool tables, an air hockey table and a few arcade games including Silver Strike Bowling.

Throughout the day and even into the night, it’s hard to find a time when people aren’t waiting in line to play a game that is already being used.

“It’s pretty cool,” junior Greg Lund said of the game area. “It’s something that gives an off-campus student like myself more of a reason to hang out here. I also like checking my e-mail in the computer kiosk.”

There were a number of different bands and musicians performing during the lunch hours throughout the grand opening week. The lunch hour music received mixed reviews from students thus far. While some students said they have found the music relaxing, a number of students found the music overwhelming and made it hard to have conversations with friends sitting at their own tables.

Since the new building opened, there have already been a number of different performers present on campus. On Jan. 23, the group, Recycled Percussion performed in the new Falcons Nest Complex and was well received by the campus community.

“Recycled Percussion played a really awesome show,” senior Katie Bollig said. “It was a great way to showcase such an amazing facility.”

The group also enjoyed the new facilities on campus.

“Recycled Percussion said they really enjoyed playing in the Falcons Nest Venue,” senior Tanya Hartwig said.

Another new aspect the building has to offer is the Kinni Theater where students will have an opportunity to enjoy movies on campus for free. The first movie shown was Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth.”

In the Falcons Nest Complex there is a bigger space for bands with better equipment and Kling said that the venue should allow River Falls to get bigger bands to perform on campus without the worry of where to get stage and lighting equipment.

Another part of the University Center Kling is excited about is the new ballroom on the second floor.

The Leadership Center in the old Student Center used to be a ballroom, but was converted into offices when the Leadership Center was built. Artists like the Johnny Holm band used to perform there.

The arcade games aren’t the only games in the University Center that will allow students to relax.

In a few weeks, the lounges on the second floor will be equipped with Xbox, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii, Kling said.

On Friday night, to cap off the events for the opening week of the University Center, Mad Chad Taylor performed for students his juggling chainsaw act.

“Everything has been packed, it’s been really well attended,” Kling said.

The building itself is also something that draws people into the University Center.

“It’s a nicer building, a nicer venue,” Lund said. “I think it will be busy here for awhile.”

Tonight at 9 p.m. Comedian Pete Lee will be performing at the new Entertainment Complex.

In the near future students will have events like the Jazz Arts Collection and Winter Carnival to look forward to.