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June 22, 2024

Letter to the editor

Rewards for recycling

February 22, 2007

As some of you know (those who read the student e-mails) and hopefully more now, UW-River Falls is involved in a nationwide competition with other colleges and universities across the United States called Recyclemania.

Recyclemania is a friendly contest to see which school has the best recycling program and to promote the importance of recycling. Prizes and awards are given to the top schools. Let’s be one of them! We need the help of everyone on campus, whether you live on or off campus or are faculty and staff members, to help get our numbers up.

The contest began in late January and will run to April 7, so we still have many weeks to recycle. If it’s plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard or paper, think about where you’re throwing out because none of those things belong in the trash. Our first week’s numbers were one pound per person of recyclables and week two was 1.17 pounds per person.

Not bad, but we can still do better and keep our numbers going up. For those of you with a competitive streak, UW-Stout is beating us. It’s not too late, though! Get out there and recycle!

Remember.... “You recycle, we all win.”

Becky Alexander