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July 12, 2024

Letter to the editor

Columnist uses incorrect facts

November 10, 2006

Let me begin by stating that Nicole Aune had a good point to make about Americans supporting President Bush regardless of their views. However, this is where she stopped making any valid points.

Perhaps it’s because she admits that she’s never been a political person, but then please don’t waste our time with unsupported banter. Aune stated that if terrorists took out Bush, they could overtake the United States. Is she implying that we’re all under the mind control of Bush, and if he was some how taken out of the picture we would become terrorists? How could one single person be holding back the attacks?

As for Bush’s “Texas English,” that’s what the press secretary and speech writers are for. After six years, Bush should not still be having as many issues as he is with his speech. And what is “correct” English?

In regard to the approval rating, perhaps other Presidents have had lower ratings, but how long did they last?

Perhaps the editor should be making sure that her columnists are using facts and not assumptions, but it appears that the Student Voice isn’t very interested in responsible journalism.

Ashley Kollath, Student