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May 23, 2024



Twins come back strong

October 5, 2006

I went to the most amazing, exciting and intense baseball game I could have ever imagined.

On Oct. 1, I went to watch the Minnesota Twins take on the Chicago White Sox for the final game of the regular season. And I can’t help but brag about it.

Although we are in Wisconsin and I should focus on what’s going on here locally, I just can’t. Not this week. I’m in awe of what happened at the Metrodome and I’m so happy.

The Minnesota Twins were never supposed to even get into the playoffs, but nearly two weeks ago they clenched the American League Wild Card spot.

But on Sunday, the unthinkable happened and I was there to watch it.

The Detroit Tigers, who at one time held a 10-game lead over the Twins in the AL Central, choked to finish the season. They lost three straight to the underdog Kansas City Royals.

The Twins had all weekend to clinch the division, but waited until the final day to keep everyone guessing. I still can’t even believe it happened. I was just looking forward to see my favorite team take on my least favorite team. After the Twins lost the first two games of the weekend series and the season series was on the line, I hoped that by cheering and waving my Homer Hankie I could see the Twins be victorious and go into the playoffs with a win.

It was amazing — the atmosphere was by far the most intense of any sporting event I’ve ever been to. It was something that I couldn’t have even imagined had I not been there.

When centerfielder Torii Hunter hit the two-run home run, the crowd went crazy.

I knew almost as soon as the ball left the bat that it was gone. It was the first Twins home run I have seen in person all summer and possibly ever.

Watching 45,000 plus people rally behind the Kansas City Royals was awesome. We all knew that if Kansas City could pull of the unimaginable the Division title would be ours.

It seemed like after all the Twins assured themselves a win, all Minnesota fans turned their attention to the Royals, who were at one point down 6-0. It was two games instead of one.

Twins fans were standing up screaming when they took the lead 7-6. The cheering probably confused the White Sox players on the bench, especially players like AJ Pierzynski who was sitting there with his head spinning, wondering, “What the hell?”

Apparently that wasn’t all that was bothering Pierzynski that day. He could hardly catch a ball in his final game of the season. Something must have been up.

Maybe he was missing his third basemen Joe Crede, or maybe he was still in tears due to the possibility that Sunday may have been the final regular season game for pitcher and former teammate Brad Radke.

As the Twins nearly completed the season, it was announced that Joe Mauer had won the AL Central batting title. It was awesome to be there on a day when history was made, for Mauer, catchers and the Twins.

After the Twins finished their amazing regular season, they waited and waited. They waited through 12 innings to see the Tigers fall by two against Jimmy Gobble and company.

I’ve never felt so attached to a professional team as I was to the Twins on that Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully I can continue to wave my Homer Hankie with pride all the way through the playoffs.

Sarah Packingham is a former member of the Student Voice staff.