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July 12, 2024

Letter to the editor

Socialists do not deserve funding

October 27, 2006

I am glad that “Socialist Alternative absolutely rejects the totalitarian systems of Russia and eastern Europe, which have nothing to do with real socialism,” as Nick Shillingford stated in his letter last week.

Unfortunately, the socioeconomic system that the ruling party of Czechoslovakia called socialism in the pre 1989 era is what I associate with socialism. Can anyone from Socialist Alternative point me to a working model of real socialism?

I am delighted that militant action as practiced by Socialist Alternative today does not involve guns and explosives. I doubt it would be possible to take into public ownership the top 500 corporations, banks, and insurance and finance houses without the use of violence.

This goal is stated at among other stances unrealistic under the prevailing system.

Since taking someone else’s property is considered stealing in the current system, I do not see why your organization should be welcomed on our campus. I was unable to look up what “true democracy” means. So I cannot make up my mind if we are striving for this type of democracy on our campus.

Since most recognized organizations get financial support from the University, it is economically impossible to support student organizations representing every possible viewpoint.

Jan Pospichal