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May 23, 2024


Police blotter for Oct. 20, 2006

October 19, 2006

Oct. 10
• Andrew J.L. Jacobson, 19, paid $361 for receiving stolen property at Rodli.

A neon Blimpie sign was reported missing Sept. 29, and a witness called the River Falls Police Department Oct. 10 after seeing a group of students he recognized as football players carrying the sign Sept. 29.

According to reports, Jacobson admitted to finding the Blimpie sign outside Rodli, which he then picked up. He said he intended to bring it to Hathorn Hall to show his friends, but decided not to keep it and returned it to where he had originally found it.

Jacobson, however, was seen riding his bike with the sign, according to a witness statement.

The sign is valued at $620.68.

• Leah M. Forehand, 24, was arrested at 540 N. Main St. on a warrant for failure to pay fines related to an OWI. She was also cited for operating after revocation. She was transported to Pierce County Jail at 1:40 a.m.

Oct. 11
• Tyler W. Nessen, 18, was cited $375 for possession of marijuana at McMillan Hall.

At 10:30 p.m., police responded to a reported odor of burning marijuana on the fourth floor of the residence hall. Police briefly listened to a conversation through the doorway of room 436 before Nessen opened the door. He then briefly shut the door and locked it with a deadbolt, according to reports.

Nessen admitted to officers that he had been smoking marijuana along with other people in the room. He was then taken to the police department, where 1.1 grams of a green, leafy substance in his possession tested positive for THC.

Oct. 12
• At 2:25 p.m., theft was reported from a vehicle parked in O-Lot. A garage door opener was taken, along with a disposable camera and several CDs. The stolen items have an estimated value of $85. The vehicle was locked at the time of the theft.

• Theft was reported from a vehicle parked in O-Lot at 4:40 p.m. The face plate for a Sony stereo system was stolen, and the dashboard was broken. Damage is estimated at $400.

Oct. 13
• Jesse W. Bigjohn, 21, was arrested at 581 South Spruce Street for second degree recklessly endangering safety and carrying a concealed weapon.

Police were called to Stratton Hall at 2:38 a.m. in response to a fight involving a knife.

According to witness statements, seven students approached the doors of Stratton Hall where their entry was blocked by Bigjohn. He asked them for IDs, falsely representing himself as an RA at the dorm, and said he was going to get them kicked out of school, according to reports.

Two male individuals argued with Bigjohn because he refused to let them into the hall, and Bigjohn threatened them with a black folding knife, holding it to the neck of one of the men and causing a minor laceration, according to reports.
Bigjohn was transported to Pierce County Jail, where his blood alcohol content was tested at .18.

• At 12:44 p.m., damage was reported to a vehicle parked in the Ramer Field parking lot, 1050 Athletic Dr. The back window was broken and a subwoofer was taken from the car, valued at $150. Damage to the window is estimated at $300.

• Nicholas J. Robertson, 18, was fined $249 for underage consumption in May Hall.

• Justin G. Ward, 19, was fined $249 for underage consumption in May Hall.

• Theft was reported from a vehicle parked in O-Lot. A CD player, 500-watt amplifier and subwoofer were taken, totaling $500.

Oct. 14
• Skylar W. Knochenmus, 20, was fined $249 for underage consumption in Hathorn Hall.

• Robert L. Boddiford, 19, was fined $375 for second offense underage consumption in Prucha Hall.

• Brandon M. Stalcar, 20, was fined $249 for underage consumption in Hathorn Hall.

Oct. 16
• Kristine M. Kivel, 19, was cited $172 for underage consumption. According to reports, Kivel was found pacing up and down South Wasson Lane at 3:45 a.m.

Oct. 17
• Benjamin E. Brewster, 20, was fined $249 for underage consumption in Hathorn Hall.