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June 20, 2024

New spa will add to relaxation services offered in RF

October 26, 2006

It’s the middle of the semester and classes are really starting to take a toll on the mental and physical wellbeing of the UW-River Falls student body.

Midterms, papers and projects cause some students to search for something to help take their mind off the stress that causes headaches, fatigue and irritability.

Fortunately, River Falls has two options to accommodate the relaxation needs of the overworked: Lori’s Massage and Day Spa, and the new River Falls Spa.

Lori’s Massage and Day Spa is located at 303 N. Second St., and is owned by Lori Moran. Moran started her career as a physical education teacher, but decided to go back to school to become a licensed esthetician and massage therapist. Her spa includes a gift shop and has been open in River Falls for 13 years.

Soon to open in the area is River Falls Spa, owned by Tim Knotek, the dentist who holds his office in the same building at 630 S. Main St. He hired Kristi Hartman to manage the front end and Wendi Blaubach as the main cosmetologist on staff. These two women have worked hard to get the new spa off to a successful start and said it will begin accepting appointments in early November.

“It’s coming together pretty quickly,” Hartman said. “We’ve had fun putting it all together.”

Both spas offer a wide array of services to clear the minds of people who have been working or studying all day, including 30-90 minute massages and body wraps.

Students who have had a rough week filled with tests and homework can take advantage of the soothing experience.

“I might go get a massage before finals to help me focus,” junior Courtney Schroeder said.

Along with therapeutic services, both spas offer a number of ways to be pampered, including facials, manicures, pedicures and hair care.

“Now I know someplace that I can take my roommate, Dan Buker, so that he can get cleaned up for the ladies,” senior Nick Asmus said.

The spas also provide full body waxing, including the Brazilian wax that many brave women endure despite possible pain.

Though both businesses specialize in relaxation and beauty services, they do differ from each other.

Blaubach and Hartman said River Falls Spa offers reflexology, which involves stimulating certain pressure points on the hands, feet or ears to provide relief for problem organs. They also said a relatively new service called ear candleing is available.

“It’s done by using wrapped up fabric with a candle tip,” Blaubach said. “You light the tip of the candle and put it in your ear where it creates smoke. This smoke drains out all of the excess wax in your ear.”

Blaubach said it’s great for people suffering from congestion or those who are planning to travel by airplane.

Though Lori’s Massage and Day Spa doesn’t provide ear candleing or reflexology, Moran said it does offer custom spray tanning for a healthy glow. It also offers a couple’s massage for those who are looking for a relaxing experience with their significant other.

Moran also said Lori’s Massage and Day Spa accepts a UWRF ID for a 5 percent discount on any service. Coupons are also available on the Web site:

Blaubach and Hartman said even though they haven’t discussed it fully, River Falls Spa will most likely offer specials to students at UWRF when it opens in early November.

“We want the students to come here, and we realize they are on a limited budget,” Blaubach said. “They are a huge part of our business.”

These spas are a beacon of hope for students trying to remain sane throughout midterms, relaxing their stressed minds and bodies.

For more information on Lori’s Massage and Day Spa, call 425-9393. River Falls Spa can be reached at 425-7900.