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December 4, 2023



Letter to the editor

Campus has no need for socialists

October 13, 2006

The Oct. 6 issue of Falcon Daily announced the Student Organization Committee is welcoming three of the newest student organizations to the UW-RF Community. I was dismayed to find the Socialist Alternative was among these organizations.

I came to this country from the Czech Republic, where I lived in a socialist society for more than 15 years of my life. I was lucky to immigrate to the United States and enjoy the benefits of a functioning capitalist economy.

Some of my friends and relatives were not lucky. Relatively few died in political prisons, but most lost a lot of opportunities in life. There were not many opportunities in “workers paradise,” surrounded by a barbed wire fence, unless you were a member of the ruling elite.

I am not afraid that the democratic system of this country could be overthrown by socialism. However, I have to speak out against an organization on our campus that glorifies one of the world’s most oppressive socioeconomic systems.

I attended the initial public meeting the Socialist Alternative held last month on campus and read what Socialist Alternative stands for at

I thought the “alternative way” of eliminating the national debt was pretty hilarious. I have taken and passed a few economics classes myself. The writers of the following could benefit from those classes, “Cancel the national debt with no payment to the big investors. Use the money to rebuild the inner cities and the infrastructure under union conditions and wages.”

I was not entertained to learn the group is promoting “militant action.” That’s just another reason why I feel this student organization should not be welcomed on our campus.

Jan Pospichal