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November 30, 2023



Letter to the editor

America secures hold on Iraq

October 6, 2006

Critics of the Bush administration keep saying we have spent billions of our tax dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq, but have built practically nothing.

If you went to Iraq today, you would see a marvelous new complex rising right in the heart of Baghdad.

This 104-acre shining oasis will include more than 600 apartments, two major office buildings, its own electrical plant and water system, air conditioning, a swimming pool, gym, movie theater, food court, beauty salon, car-repair shop and even a nightclub.

The sprawling complex, which will have 8,000 people working in it when completed next year, must be a welcome sign of progress and a symbol of democratic pride for the long-suffering people of Iraq.

Right? Well, not exactly. The palace is not for them, but will be the new U.S. embassy.

Being built by an affiliate of — guess who? — Halliburton.

This half-billion dollar complex will be by far the largest embassy in the world. It is no mere house of diplomacy. It is a mini-state inside Iraq's capital, establishing a permanent American base.

Surrounded by 15-foot walls, guarded by Marines and overlooking the chambers housing the Iraqi government, this fortress will be viewed by the people as a palace of occupation, a reminder of who really holds the reins of power in their country.

Ray Anderson
Professor Emeritus