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November 30, 2023



Letter to the editor

Columnist shames paper, country with comparison

April 7, 2006

I am writing in response to the “viewpoint” by Keighla Schmidt, entitled “Nazi, U.S. similarities drawn,” and I, for one, am ashamed for allowing this article to be posted.

I found it particularly offensive, for I had a grandfather in World War II that used to tell me stories of the outrageous and horrible gut wrenching atrocities of the Nazis. And then, today, I flip open the Student Voice to find Ms. Schmidt expressing an outrageously offensive opinion comparing the United States to the Nazi party?!

This is absolutely intolerable! My grandfather and all those that had fought in World War II, whether they are living or dead, would be ashamed.

America is nothing like the Nazi party.

And to think that it is has shamed and wasted all that the soldiers have fought for in WWII. This is not a question of whether I am a Republican or Democrat, but more like I am proud to be an American, and on this day of minuscule American shame, I am appalled at that article. Whatever happened to having pride in our country?

Forty years ago there was nothing but the utmost respect for the president. Even the American people allowed Richard Nixon to bow out gracefully when he was involved with the Watergate scandal! However, it is one thing to voice your opinion with the war, every person is entitled to that right, but this is totally perverse.

To compare the U.S. government to a fascist party that believed in genocide and the sole advancement of the white race is out of line and shameful. To be opinionated and to have such a disagreeable opinion is a person’s freedom, but to make an accusation and a horrible comparison such as the United States to the Nazis is plain ridiculous.

It is my opinion that this writer is completely disrespectful and unintelligent to jump to such a harsh conclusion. The “writer” should learn some discipline, and I would think twice about allowing a person to “run their mouth” and start thinking about the words they are actually going to say before any more people suffer anymore embarrassment and offense.

Nathan Kitzrow