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Greek orgs should seek to be involved with It’s On Us

November 19, 2015

Last week was the It’s On Us Week of Action, a full week of events dedicated to sexual assault awareness and prevention on college campuses. Students of all organizations, including student athletes, made the effort to show their support to this worthy cause. One group that was blatantly absent during the Week of Action was UWRF Greek Life.

China’s ‘Singles’ Day’ a unique holiday that shows how strange the world can be

November 18, 2015

It has been a week with so much loss -senseless, violent, and unwarranted loss. The flow of information, video, pictures, eye – witness accounts, posts, tweets… has been overwhelming and dare I say even inescapable.

Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity explains occurrences in the universe

November 18, 2015

Four score and another score ago, Einstein introduced the idea of general relativity, well, that’s when he presented the results at the Prussian Academy of Science. Unlike previous models for gravity and such, this relativity thing actually accounted for reality.

Terrorist attacks in Paris brings back 9/11 memories

November 18, 2015

As you probably all have heard at this point, there was a terrorist attack on Paris over the weekend in which gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a concert hall, a major stadium, and restaurants and bars almost simultaneously. It was an obvious planned attack against the innocent citizens of Paris, killing at least 129 people and injuring hundreds. It was later revealed that ISIS was behind these attacks, sending the message that they are not done.

Volunteering can give insight to future internships and career opportunities

November 18, 2015

Volunteering is often a dreaded requirement, or even a commitment you make on behalf of your commitment to an organization, such as for a fraternity or sorority, where you are required to complete a certain amount of hours to be deemed successful. Your success may not be found in your volunteer efforts however, it should be a valuable asset in your efforts to find a rewarding and lifelong career.

Student Keystone Pipeline protests validated after Obama’s rejection

November 12, 2015

In March of 2013 I, along with eight other UW-River Falls students, embarked on a trip which had a profound impact on the future of my college career, my beliefs as a citizen of the United States, and as a human being on this planet.

J-Term an underrated opportunity to catch up in credits

November 12, 2015

Registration for UWRF’s J-term opened Monday, October 12 on eSIS. J-term is the University of Wisconsin – River Falls’ four-week winter term held during the month of January between the Christmas holidays and the beginning of the spring semester.

Protesters should cooperate with journalists for their own benefit

November 12, 2015

If you follow the news to any degree, you’ve likely heard of Tim Tai, a student journalist who recently had a confrontation with a large group of protesters at the University of Missouri. The protests, lasting several months by now, stem from what was felt was an inadequate response to several cases of racist activities around campus.

Educators should be brought into sex assault discussions

November 5, 2015

With the It’s On Us campaign being mainly focused on students within the university however, it is missing a large, influential population on campus. While it’s great that students are being educated on sexual assault prevention, shouldn’t our educators also be involved?

Procrastination should be avoided for academic and psychological health

October 29, 2015

Procrastination is not a one-time occurrence for most college students. In fact, it is often times a habitually experience; a part of their daily lives, per say. Procrastination is, as defined by the Oxford Dictionaries, “the action of delaying or postponing something.” Students are widely known by their professors to wait until the very last minute to turn assignments in, or submit their online exams.

Benghazi hearings a waste of resources

October 29, 2015

Another week, another failed takedown of former Secretary of State, First Lady, United States Senator, and current democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Halloween enjoyment should be inclusive and sensitive to other cultures

October 29, 2015

As you all know, this Saturday is Halloween. For many adults, that may not be that big of deal. Some people love Halloween, while other people just tolerate it. But on a college campus, Halloween is kind of a big deal.

Americans must stay informed when it comes to news

October 23, 2015

After watching one of John Oliver’s segments from last Sunday on Canadian elections from his HBO show “Last Week Tonight”-on YouTube, I don’t have spare money to just throw at HBO – it occurred to me that Americans, okay the majority of Americans, really have no idea what is going on.

Yik Yak app shows repercussions of student anonymity

October 23, 2015

In 2013, a new social media application was launched that allowed people to post updates anonymously and see other’s posts based on location. This app was called Yik Yak, and almost it almost instantly become popular, especially in university towns.

Indigenous People’s Day a more worthy day of celebration than Columbus Day

October 15, 2015

Since the founding of Columbus day in 1937, American’s have been celebrating the second Monday of October honoring the man who, as taught to us in elementary school, supposedly discovered America. Within the past few years though, many progressive cities have blown off Columbus day in favor of a more honorable celebration: Indigenous People’s Day.